Aquis Querquennis Was the third of the mansions of the Via Nova from Bracara and, together with Bergidum, one of which achieved a greater development urbanistic, converting during the 2nd century in the true capital of the Quarquernos, if we take into account the quotation of Ptolomeo that, as already it has said , the flame polis (city).


On the other hand, the reference of the Itinerary of Antonino, attributing him a distance from Knickers of 53 miles, has seen  corroborated recently with the apparition of a big miliario in the vicinity of the spas, that confirms fully the data.


However, and except loose news of diverse findings in surface near of the area of the surgencias thermal, know little still about this civil establishment,place that, in comparison with the camp, is little still what in this sector has excavated .


It tried  in his day in the area of the spas, but resulted impossible because of the prompt apparition of the phreatic level. It tried  also in 1985 to the edge of the ancient road, in front and in the opposite side of the missing house rectoral of O Baño, and although the excavation promised, the picture there outline remained unfinished and waiting for that, in a next future, fix  in him the attention of the managers of the archaeologic investigation.


In where, however, effected  works of undoubted wingspan was in the nearest sector to the camp, in the middle distance between this and the thermal sugerences and in a zone of slope that looks to NE.


The here discovered structures, conserved in some sectors until 125 centimetres of height, correspond to three types of edifications: a playground walled with his central tank, south; a big warehouse with the ceiling supported, in a first phase, on thick granithic pillars  and provided of oven panificador, to NW, and, in the second, with diverse stays of an edificationr, in whose floor perceive  channels, homes of good bill and a big entrance of double door to which would access  by means of external stairs from the contiguous road, given the dip existent. It follows to the door, to the interior, a hallway paved with granitic  blocks, that does of distributor for the corralón, superbly drained, and for the house properly warn, besides, two peculiarities in the totallity. The first, that exists a primitive level habitational, to , later razedby the new edifications, and the second that the primitive warehous was reduced his surface by the invasion of stays of the area habitable, definitely necessary for the development of the increasing activity of the establishment.