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In the finisterre of Iberia, to the bank of the mythical Lethes or Limia and no far of the Sea Ocean in which, each sunset, submerges  the sun to light the night of the realm of Hades, settled in the antiquity the village of the Quarquernos, residents of the current regions of Bande and Entrimo, in the province of Ourense.Ethnicity of prehistoric roots very dilated in the time, would be integrated definitively in the roman commands after the warlike process of the Cantabrian Wars ( 25 to 19 to.C.), fixing his capital, caput civitatis, in the Castro of Rubiás, vicinity of Bande, as it can deduce of some indications of archaeologic and epigraphical order appeared in the place.

On the other hand, it is probable that, already in previous date (138-137 to.C), had been visited these earths by Décimo Junio Bruto, called the Galaico, the one who would have realised the famous crossing of the River Olvido in the vicinity of the current Porto Quintela, as they advise, so much the warlike path by him followed, like the orographic conditionings-topographical of the región. In any case, will be in this point of the valley of the Limia that will have to establish, walked time, the romanizer epicentre more important of all the course of the river. This motivates that it was to him precisely that we try to refer us, of preferential way, in the pages that follow, by what, from 1975 come effecting in the important place archaeologic discovery, historical investigations trascendentes, activities museísticas and of put in value of the rests and conservation of the natural surroundings in which they find  integrated.

On the other hand, our place finds  insert in the same heart of the incomparable tourist route that, splitting of Ourense main, advances in his continuation until the monumental Celanova, continues by Santa Comba de Bande, distant a kilometre so only of our group, and prolongs  until the termas of River Caldo and the heavenly natural park Hispanic-luso of Xurés-Gerez.